Bedroom “Edoardo”

Furniture in bedroom “Edoardo” includes a large wardrobe and a dresser, with a dormer as a window. This bedroom is the only one to have 2 single beds.

Suite “Gabriele”

Gabriele suite is bedroom a king sized bed on the ground floor. The bed has a black metal structure with a series of nacre intaglios, constructed in the late 1800s. Sicily’s tradition is to call it “The engaged couple’s bed.
The bathroom is equipped with two sinks and a bath that can be turned into a shower. It is also in possession of a double door wardrobe.
Gabriele suite has a glass framed window that opens on the garden, which allows the guests of a personal autonomy, as they can walk in their bedroom without passing through the main entrance.

Bedroom “Patrizio”

Patrizio bedroom is found on the ground floor, with a king size bed and a single one, for a total of 3 potential guests.
The bedroom is bright lighted and opens on the garden.
It is enriched of a large wardrobe and an antique dresser for space to place clothes.

Bedroom “Paolo”

Paolo double bedroom is found on the ground floor.
It is equipped with a black metal framed bed with nacre intaglios as well.

The window than opens on the mount side allows this bedroom to keep cooler and fresher than the first floor as a whole, particularly in the evenings when the Sicilian winds replenishes the air.
This bedroom has a double wardrobe and a dresser.

Bedroom “Elena”

Elena bedroom is on the first floor, with a king size bed, an antique wardrobe and a desk, all belonging to the family’s heritage. The peculiar aspect of this bedroom is that it allows an entrance on the roof terrace, where it is possible to sunbathe or enjoy a breakfast bathed in relax.

Suite “Mariangela”

Mariangela suit is a bright king size bedroom with a large window opening up upon the Tindari sanctuary scenario and a personal bathroom, in which you can also shower.
It is possible to add a single bed in this room if requested.